Week 7 – Digital Blurring

This week we were asked to create our own online game through Sploder. Sploder allows the user to make a variety of online games including arcade, platformer, physics, classic and 3D adventure games. Each type of game allows the user to create multiple levels and then they are able to be shared with the rest of the Sploder community. It does not require a knowledge of programming and is free to join, so is the perfect gaming website to use in a classroom environment.

Creating a game not only allows students to be creative, it also allows them to develop their problem solving skills and story telling skills. The games need to be able to be completed by others so students really need to continuously test them and use their brains to ensure what they are creating will indeed work. Games can then be shared with other classmates to be played and even possibly critiqued in where they thought the game would be improved. With how technology driven the current generation has become, online game creation is a perfect example of how we can utilise this passion of technology and use it to develop important skills.

You can view my created game here:

Sploder Game




WordPress. (2011). Sploder. [Image]. Retrieved from http://wpsict.wordpress.com/tag/sploder/


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