Week 6 – Digital Fluency

This week we looked at the online program Scratch and also used it to create our first project. Scratch is an online program that enables users to create their own interactive stories, games and animations. Users are then able to share their projects with other users around the world.

I found it a bit tricky to work out to begin with but after watching the introduction video and exploring the site, I was able to create my first animation:


I really enjoyed going through and watching other students’ animations. It was interesting to see how different our animations could be through the same program.

An online program like Scratch would really help to allow students to develop their digital fluency. It allows students to show their creative side and develop their logical thinking. Another benefit of Scratch is the mathematical concepts it engages students in such as coordinates, variables and random numbers.

Scratch could be used in the classroom setting to get students to present their own short stories one a particular topic that interests them, or even get them to create their own little game that other students could then enjoy.scratch1




WordPress. (2010). Scratch. [Image]. Retrieved from http://chrisbetcher.com/2010/10/teaching-kids-to-think-using-scratch/


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