Week 5 – Pinterest

There are many different ways that information can be presented. Pinterest is a website that can be used to store specific information for future reference and enables the user to put them into specific categories as well. My pinterest account can be found here:


As part of the task we created boards to allow us to pin specific information to them. This allows the user to keep information easily accessible for future use.

Pinterest would be highly valuable in the learning and teaching environment. Teachers can use it to pin useful websites, learning sheets, and ideas for classroom activities. Students can also follow the teacher on their own pinterest accounts enabling them to have access to anything pinned by their teacher and perhaps of use to themselves.

One benefit of pinterest is that there are no real security risks. Users need to have their own account to access pinterest but there is no sharing of their personal information on the site, just sharing of pins thy find to be of use to them.





Media Inc. (2014). Pinterest Logo. [Image]. Retrieved from http://readwrite.com/2014/02/25/evan-sharp-pinterest-cofounder-builders#awesm=~oAED8EEU3K4TDP


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