Week 4 – Digital Divide

This week we were asked to create an Infographic that represents an issue of a digital divide.

The Infographic that I created looks at small and medium enterprises and how our new digital age can affect their sales and revenue. Infographics are a fun way to present complex information to readers quickly and in a way that will keep them engaged. The wordle up the top presents all the main ideas in the issue. Bright colours have been used to make the infographic stand out along with the statistics showing the divide between businesses that do use online technology and those that do not.

The main difference with my infographic compared to other students is the issue I picked to represent. Most other students looked at how a digital divide can impact children’s education, whereas I chose to look at how it can impact our businesses. It is similar to others in the way I have used bright colours and pictures to grab the reader’s attention and keep them interested. It is also similar in the use of statistics and graphs to present the information.

Digital Divide (1)



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